Why Travel for Training?

Getting away from the office for professional development is never easy. Travel to an offsite training location is an investment.

But it’s worth it – for your sake and for your organization’s. And you can be confident that the impact of your investment can be measured.

The below infographic tells the story of how the anonymity and safety of  our flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)® offers a chance to get away from the workplace – and then come back, completely transformed and ready to take on the big challenges.

Here’s the data about offsite training at LDP, from the voices of some of our 50,000 alumni:

Infographic: Why Travel to Offsite Training? Because Going Away Really Brings It Home.

This infographic sums up how our nearly 50 years of leadership research make this offsite training a life-changing experience that’s worth every minute out of the office.

LDP helps you become a better leader by unearthing your challenges and strengths to highlight who you are…and who you could be. It’s intense. It’s about you. And it’s worth it.

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