Month: March 2018

Business & Finance

ManpowerGroup North America President Becky Frankiewicz On The 2018 Labor Market

ManpowerGroup North America president Becky Frankiewicz. ManpowerGroup’s Q2 2018 Employment Outlook Survey of more than 11,500 U.S. employers found that U.S. employer hiring confidence is strong, with one in five employers planning to grow their workforce in the three months ahead. Chief Executive caught up with ManpowerGroup North America president …
Drones & Robotics

Top 10 YouTube Drone Channels!

Finding the best drone for your needs is one thing, learning how to get the most out of your drone is another, so We Talk UAV compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube drone channels that cover everything from deciding which drone to get to learning how to shoot …
Drones & Robotics

Fatshark Attitude V4 review!

The anniversary edition of the Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV goggles were unboxed in another video by We Talk UAV, so here is the follow-up review video: Since FPV goggles are still kind of new to Alex, the most important aspect of the Fatshark goggles is its compatibility with noobs. Even …